Spandex stretched out? Sweat stains on your shirts not going away? Designed for comfort and versatility, athletic wear is meant to handle an onslaught of activities. It can also be an investment for those serious about their workouts, making proper laundry care a must when it comes to athletic wear. The wrong wash cycle or dryer setting can cause athletic gear to lose its strength or stretch – the exact qualities people expect in a workout. As you strive to sustain your activity level this season, maintain your favorite gym clothes as well with the following tips:

Athletic Wear

Typically composed of lycra/spandex, these fibers give garments a comfortable stretch. Proper care can maintain that elasticity. Wash in warm (not hot) water. Do not use liquid chlorine bleach as it can lead to
fiber breakage.Tumble dry on low heat setting while dryer drum is cool or as recommended on care label. Or, you can drip dry or lay flat to dry.

Swimwear and Waterproof Outerwear

Composed of nylon, these garments are smooth and lightweight. In general, wash in warm or cold water on a gentle cycle, or wash by hand. Chlorine bleach can cause yellowing, so use only when necessary. Tumble dry on a low heat setting on a permanent press cycle that includes a cool-down. Remove promptly to prevent wrinkling. Or, drip dry or lay flat to dry.