For some, a home office is where they spend the working day. For others, it’s a family paperwork depot for dealing with bills, permission slips, to-do lists, coupons, and whatever else the postman brings, or the teacher sends home.

Whether you spend minutes or hours each day in your home office, it should be exactly the space you want. Your style – not just your files – should be on full display.

Here are five of our favorite ways to create a stylish home office space where you’ll feel organized, productive, and happy:

1) A work surface you can work on.

You’ll be more likely to get things done if your work surface looks inviting (clean) instead of intimidating (covered in papers), so give yourself plenty of space to work and to think. We love using the 4’, 6’ or 8’ Bamboo Workbench as a desk, for its gorgeous surface and generous workspace.

 2) The one-touch rule.

As soon as you open your mail, either take action on it (file it, sign it, pay it…) or recycle it. Letting it pile up looks bad, and, let’s face it, feels bad.

3) Keeping it behind closed doors.

Even with the most organized and disciplined approach, keeping your filing system behind closed doors will always look neater than leaving it out in the open. A GearBox either above or below your work surface can keep files in reach but out of sight.

4) Say no to the junk drawer.

If your junk drawer were to jam shut tomorrow, would you miss anything in it? Part with all the bits and pieces that you’re hoarding – trust us, it’s liberating. A few basic office supplies are all you need.

5) Look up.

Make the most of wall space, especially if you don’t have much floor space. A wall storage system gives you flexible organization options and can free up your work surface for work.